BE AT HOME Is a complete mobile solution to control your BTICINO MyHome system available on Android and Apple store.

  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Ability to switch between MyHome systems in a click.
  • Integration with SONOS Sound System.
  • Ability to receive notifications in “ALARM MODE”.
  • Control your home system from anywhere.
  • Back end portal to manage and configure MyHome systems.

Features includes:

  • Lights Management
  • Automation management
  • Temperatures
  • Cameras
  • Scenarios
  • Notifications

B@Home Box let you control your your Home Automation system from your mobile and from everywhere.

  • The Box enable communication between mobile app and MyHome system
  • Allow customers to control the system from outside the premise
  • Installed on premise and attached to the customer router via LAN cable (optionally WI-FI)
  • Easy setup
  • Manage push notifications to mobile devices
  • Manage the communication to the other systems (SONOS)
  • Router do NOT needs to have a Public Static IP Address