Are you a SME/PMI travel agency or a destination management company? If yes, Voyager is the perfect solution to automate and manage your bookings and services. With Voyager you can relax while we manage for you the bookings for flights, tours, excursions, transfers and hotels.

-Automated emails to notify bookings and services.

-Real-time status of room allotments.

-Online Agents portal with services markups management.

In a click you can create operations reports, itineraries, vouchers, invoices and tax invoices.

Voyager is a complete web application for Tour Operators or Destination Management Companies (DMC) to manage reservations and accounting for Hotels, Flights, Tours, Excursions with the ability to generate reports, invoices, vouchers and send automatic reservation emails to hotels, operators, separated agents logins with the list of services with markup prices and much more.


Voyager is a web application.

Privacy and security is guarantee with username/passwords and roles accesses.

Possibility to host the solution on your server or on the cloud.

Options to buy or rent the solution.

Ad-hoc customization possibility based on your needs.

Multilingual support.


Online multilingual portal for agents to search and print your services price list


  • Hotels: manage hotel rooms, prices, contacts, promotions
  • Tours: manage tour details by day, and tour prices by periods and accommodation types
  • Excursions: manage excursions and prices by period and pax.
  • Transfers: manage transfers and prices by period and pax.
  • Other charges: manage a list of charges by unit and by pax.
  • Markups: manage services markups for hotels, excursions, tours and transfers with percentage or flat rates.
  • Agents: manage agents and associate them to markups groups.
  • Suppliers: manage suppliers of services and their contacts.
  • Users: define users logins by role, as agents or administrators of the backoffice


Once the booking is finalised and all services confirmed, you can submit the invoice (fattura proforma) and the receipt tax invoice (fattura) to the agent or tour operator.

Both invoice and tax invoices are stored inside the database and generated as Excel Document, easy to edit and store.

Ability to split amounts of the receipt invoices in vatable and not vatable amounts.


Within Voyager you can easily create and print vouchers for your customers

  • Hotel Vouchers
  • Transfers Vouchers
  • Excursions Vouchers


Keep track of all your hotels allotments and display easily the booked, confirmed and overbooked rooms.